Tony Mckeown

The courses on this site are particularly aimed at organisations and individuals that wish to have a Biblical basis for their training. Whilst many of my courses are applicable to Christian and none Christian alike, I do endeavour to identify with my clients how they wish to approach these sessions.

Most life coaches have a philosophy that governs their material and sessions, but is not always compatible with those who prefer training from a clear Biblical perspective. Courses follow a three year training schedule, and arranged in four categories. Some are free to download, with others requiring enrollment and a secure online payment at

1. Christianity 101 (Personal responsibility)  2. Christianity 202 (Personal development)

3. Christianity 303 (Kingdom authority)       4. Seminars and Training courses (Corporate) 

"Life In The Spirit" is an eight week workshop based course discovering the Work and Ministry in and with The Holy Spirit.

Please contact for current schedule and see the downloadable brochure and registration details.
For specific team days or meetings, please inquire.

Further courses are available following a systematic development strategy, that provides a strong personal foundation on which to build a faith filled life.

One cannot go on to maturity in the faith, without having a well grounded understanding of Gods Word and how to apply it in daily life. From enquirer to follower, Gods word provides insight and direction to us all. So whether it's the start of your journey or along the way, provision is made for us all.
  1. Christianity 101 -                          Christianity Explained, Club 180, Understanding Discipleship, Friends of Vision, Partners of Vision  
  2. Christianity 202 -
    Living Essentials (12wk), Life in The Spirit (12wk), Kingdom Life (32wk), Leadership (2Owk), Pre-marriage
  3. Christianity 303 -                  Ministry Internship (1yr),                       Kingdom Living yr 2 (32wk) 

 Further materials and teaching guides can be purchased online at:


4.  Organisational Leadership - 
     Seminars and Team Building Building a            Coaching Team, Vision and Values,                  Motivation That Works, Keys For
     Managing Change.

5.  Specific Training Workshops-
     Building Gods Way, Knowing The Holy             Spirit, Discovering a Leadership Team,           Developing a Leadership Team.
6. Guest Speaker / Training Course -
     Do you have a specific training need?
7. Interim Ministry Oversight -
     Are you in need of a Locum Pastor or             senior leader? Why not use the time               wisely to build and encourage your team.
8.   Pursuit of Freedom - 
   Beginning in February and held at Eden Church 
in Auckland. This 32 week course is a practical workshop in finding freedom in Christ.