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I trust you will be informed and encouraged by your visit. 

Christian life is not about a set of rules and regulations. It is primarily about living life empowered, fulfilled and to the maximum!

I believe by personally defining and building five key aspects of our life, we will in fact be equipped to live life to the full. 


Membership is the language of options. We chose to become the member of a club and then choose not to. Membership is optional and when we view being part of a team in this manner, we are in fact living life with our options open. Partnership is the language of the kingdom. My goal in life is to draw people into relationship with Christ and His Church. Are you a member or a partner?

Jesus mandate for us was to make disciples, not button hole people for membership. I am committed to developing people who are trained and equipped to live with a kingdom thinking and lifestyle. Discovering this unique process will empower and add momentum to your life. My resources will assist you in the process of being equipped for service and life. 


Discipline is never as effective as delight. Ask a teenager to clean their room or wash and dress appropriately and watch the outcome. However, see what happens when they discover the opposite sex. They bathe, shave, deodorize and hang up their clothes. Why? they are in love. When a person discovers their passion, rules become secondary. The greatest source of discipline is found in our passion. What's yours?


We all have a God given destiny. By entering into a systematic training programme, we too can find our purpose. Specific training for life and ministry, enables us to awaken our  dreams and vision for the future. On line courses, and personal mentoring assists you to identify your life purpose. As a life coach and ordained minister, you can be assured that Biblical principles will empower you.


Every success culminates in a thankful and grateful expression to our creator. We were created to enjoy life to the full. When we are living life maximized and empowered, we are in fact giving praise out of our daily life.  As we learn to apply these principles, we are able to assist others through the process. 

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In this fast paced life that we lead, we are often forced to compromise the things we value in order to fit in. Peer pressure is not only for teenagers, its very much alive and in the workplace. Determining your inner values, goes a long way to living a life empowered. Life in the spirit is a practical and theological understanding of living life in the spirit.

Life In The Spirit

The late DR S. M. Lockeridge

"That's My King"

The Church I see, is not a hospital, but an army with a hospital wing.

Our mission is simple:

Know God - Find Freedom - Discover Purpose and Make a Difference.

Living life effective and empowered is the starting point for our team. Each person is provided the support and structure to make a difference. Why not join us and make a difference in the world? 

Here are the things I value in Life and seek to prioritize in the way I do business and conduct my life:


"To bring a message of hope to a people of destiny"


 To draw people to Jesus and partnership in his Church, by the process of equipping to serve through God given passion and life purpose which bring praise to God"


To facilitate my friends, clients and fellow Christians into a life of maximised potential and an improved quality of lifestyle.

  I have been in Christian service since 1982. 
My client base is varied, and primarily seek to be committed to living life and business with ethics and values.

Firstly, I don't do what I do for a living, I live to do what I do. I am committed to people whether I receive a pay cheque or not.

Secondly, my values dictate what I will and will not do. I believe vision needs values and values cost us everything. I am committed to doing what is right not just the right thing

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It is our desire @ Eden to build a team of visionaries who create an enduring legacy; that impacts and changes our communities in NZ and around the world. We make room for personal growth and are not afraid of change.
We are on a journey! Want to come along?