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 Entering and Leaving
 Success - However You Define It
 Turning Trash Into Treasure
 Quality versus Quantity
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 Living Essentials Sample
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Ephesians Bible Studies Lesson TWO 
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The Will Of GOD - author Pastor Tony Mckeown
  Message Notes
     Building Families Gods Way                           
                                The Value Of Team  
                                Pre-Marital Discussion Paper
                                Authentic Self     
                                Defining and  Feeling  Successful             
                               "A Window of Opportunity"
                               "This One Thing"
                               "King For A Day poem" 
                               "Who you are IN Christ" - Vision Centre
                                I'd Rather See A Sermon - Poem
                                Closing the door on your Miracle
                                I Too, Have a Dream 
                                Can't Take It With You! 
                                Ten Keys Of Empowerment (coaching clinic)
                                Message Titles and Directory
A Faith That Lifts The Roof Off
                                Fruit versus Gifts - Lecture Notes
Growing Personally Part 1

                                Australian Youth Camp Notes:
"What is Integrity"
                                "Influence Study"
                                "Reputation" Or Credibility
"The Names Of God"
                                "Study Resources"

                                "William Booths - A Vision of the Lost"
Sampler Courses and Seminars
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  Can I Coach Like You - (sample)
                                          Leadership 101 Lesson Two - (series)
                                          Living Essentials Evaluation Pack
                                          Personal Vision Profile
                                          Seminar In a Box
                                          Seven Steps To Personal Empowerment Seminar
                                          Test Your Values
                                          The Will of God (Free e-book)
                                          Fruit Verus Gifts Teaching Notes
                                          Life In The Spirit Book 


Conference Notes Promise Keepers 2016 (Available after event)
Hearing God - How God Leads His Sons (Notes) Wellington
How God Leads Wellington
My Story, My Journey - Wellington
Finding Your One Thing - Life Purpose (Message)  Christchurch