Tony Mckeown

Mission Statement: "To bring a message of hope to a people of destiny".

Vision Statement:
"To draw people to Partnership by the Process of equipping to an improved quality of life, through Passion and life Purpose".

My passion is people. My life has and is dedicated to the support and empowerment of those I meet. Regardless of the sphere of influence I operate within, the motivation is the same. "Bringing hope to those who need help identifying their destiny and purpose"

I also have a dream, and this dream quantifies and evaluates how I operate my business and time.

I whole heartedly believe that we are all complex individuals who need to be understood spirit, soul and body. My background and training is well suited to a
ssisting people bring balance to life.

  • I have been an ordained minister since 1985
  • I work cross denominational and in corporate environments
  • I am a trained life coach, lecturer, pastor and educator
  • I can provide support and leadership to your situation
  • I am a "big picture" person with the ability to do small things
  • I am a "people person", who values team and relationships
My wife and I have been married forty two years and have four children and three grand children. Our global (and at times) itinerant ministry,  is  out of our love for the  local  church.

We believe totally in the local church expression and actively support and serve it whilst serving/ maintaining a busy training portfolio. Our desire is to encourage and equip the body expression around the world. If we can support your ministry vision, please let us know.

Currently, I am engaged in several contracts through my company Coaching 4 Life, which requires international travel, although being based in Auckland, New Zealand.

I also serve as a pastor in our home church. 

Career Bio:
Executive Chef, Catering Manager, Director of Hospitality Academy, Hotel Manager, Meat Technologist, Tutor and Lecturer, Conference Speaker, Senior Pastor, Mentor, Life Coach, Academic Programme Manager, Private Training Establishment Director.

Academic and Skill Awards:
  City and Guilds Catering:
  147, 151-52, 706-1-2, R.I.P.H.H.
  Institute Meat Tech: 
  Associate, Affiliate, Membership.
  Business Studies - Accounts, Marketing.
  Teacher Training - Adult Teaching Cert, Dip.
                             Workplace Assessor 4098
                          Course develop/design

Ministry Bio and Training:
Bible Theology - Cert, Dip, BTh.
Christian Counselling - Cert Dip. 
Ministry Roles - Youth Pastor, Church Planter, Senior Pastor, Bible College Director, Teaching and Training Director, Conference and Youth Camp Speaker, Preacher, Bible College Lecturer, Interim Pastor, Trainer, Author, Course Writer and Evangelist. None Profit Director, Chairman Christian School, Eldership Mentor, Leadership Training, Establishing Church Structures, Admin and Governance.

Special Interests and Life Purpose:
I have a genuine interest in people, and in particular, helping provide motivation and support in fulfilling their life purpose. As the result of a defining moment in my life, I made the decision to build my activities around my life purpose and mission statement: "To Bring A Message Of Hope To A People Of Destiny". Since that time, I have chosen to live a life committed to that cause.

I don't do what I do for a living, I live to do what I do.

Published books and courses:
Living Essentials
Club 180
Life In The Spirit
Can I Coach Like You
This One Thing - A Journey of Discovery
Leadership 101
Vision and Values Cost

In 2020 I will be teaching a new programme called "Pursuit of Freedom". True freedom is found in the relationship we find in Christ.

This liberty is reward of our faith. The course details and brochure can be found on our website. Join us in our "Pursuit of Freedom".